Digital marketing mistakes

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There’s plenty of advice online about digital marketing strategies, articles about best practises and tips on how to tweak your website to get it to perform to its potential. There’s less information about digital marketing mistakes, things to avoid and how to know when it’s time to revamp your marketing strategies. At Civic Web Media, we’re looking to change that and we’ve spoken to some of Australia’s top experts (in fields like content marketing and SEO) to help you avoid the mistakes they’ve made and they see online.

Survey of Australian content marketing experts

We spoke to 11 of Australia’s content marketing experts — including representatives from Hubspot, LinkedIn and SourceBottle — to find out what we’re doing wrong.

Content marketing mistakes
Common SEO mistakes

Ten of Australia’s leading SEO experts — including employees of Australia Post, Compare the Market and Gorilla360 — speak to us about what not to do with our sites.

SEO mistakes