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Hub Advisory Group

Hub – Web Copy Project

Hub Advisory Group, an accounting and financial advice business based on Hunter Street, approached Civic Web Media to help with the creation of a new website. Hub found us through Google when looking for copywriters and proofreaders in the Newcastle area.

The team at Hub had decided it was time to revamp their website to better reflect their services and values. Although they were designing their website in-house, they had decided to find help to perfect their web copy.

After our initial meeting, it was decided that Civic Web Media would provide a content strategy, SEO keyword research and proofreading service, while Hub would do the majority of writing in-house due to their expertise in the financial industry.

Civic Web Media provided ongoing advice and suggestions throughout the project, helping to shape the copy to best fit the new site design and serve the needs of Hub’s target audience.

As a result, Hub now has error-free text that shows them off in their best light while also being of relevance to potential customers.

Jakobus Gilliland, financial advisor at Hub, said, “Civic Web Media was able to tailor their service to meet our requirements as a relatively small business. We decided to work on one web page at a time and from the first Civic Web Media proved their value by rephrasing our content to read much better while still delivering the message we wanted.”

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