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Hashtag Hacks: How not to hashtag

Over the past decade, social media hashtags have become one of the most important and easy to use online branding and marketing tools in existence, but with great popularity comes great misuse. Here are some common hashtag pitfalls and how…

Hashtag Hacks: Best hashtag practice

Hashtags have skyrocketed in the past ten years, going from something only a handful of tech-savvy people used, to something that nearly all of us are exposed to every day. Like any type of communication, hashtags have rules, guidelines and…

Hashtag Hacks: Intro to hashtags

Hashtags have revolutionised modern communication, making it more inclusive and more interactive than ever before. But what is a hashtag? And how on earth do they work? This brief overview of #hashtags will shed some light on the little symbol…

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