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Case study: Hub web copy project

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Hub Advisory Group, an accounting and financial advice business based on Hunter Street, approached Civic Web Media to help with the creation of a new website. Hub found us through Google when looking for copywriters and proofreaders in the Newcastle area.

Case study: UrbanOps copywriting project

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UrbanOps, a maintenance and makeover business based in Lake Macquarie, was referred to Civic Web Media by Telligence, a local web design agency. Telligence was designing the new UrbanOps website and recommended our copywriting services because of our long-standing relationship.

Selling benefits: The importance of effective content

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Selling benefits not features is nothing new in marketing. A feature is something a product has, like battery life or memory, whereas a benefit is something the product provides, like all-day phone usage or space for lots of music.

Australian content marketing experts discuss common mistakes

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Mistakes may be a vital part of learning, but it's unlikely that your boss or client will appreciate you doing it on their time. To help you avoid making a costly slip, we've spoken to some of Australia's experts about the most common content marketing mistakes they see brands making.

Social media comparison: Newcastle Permanent vs Greater Bank

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All around the world, banks are going hard at social media. Chase Bank in the US has nearly four million followers on Facebook and embraced content marketing and Twitter wholeheartedly. The French bank Crédit Agricole’s Facebook page has a thing for striking videos with white text and bright pink backgrounds. Mizuho Financial Group in Japan is switched on with Facebook; even if you can’t read Japanese, their cover film on their Facebook page is worth watching.

Social media comparison: Newcastle City Council vs Lake Macquarie Council

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With more people turning to their social networks for news, information and interaction, local councils need to keep up with the times by maintaining active and engaging social accounts of their own.