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Social Media Helps Search Engine Optimisation

Social media benefits for SEO

Social media is useful for more than just promoting your brand and growing your audience.


Maintaining strong and active social profiles improves your reputation with Google and other search engines. When people mention and share your content in their social circles, they’re helping to build links to your site.


If you ignore social media, or you don’t use it to its full advantage, you’re missing out on a valuable source to improve your SEO.


Establish social authority


From blogs to customer reviews, social interaction plays an increasingly important role in web content, making social signals a major part of SEO success.


If you want to look relevant and useful to Google and other search engines, you need to have an active profile on all the social networks that are relevant to your business – from the all-rounders like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to LinkedIn for B2B or Instagram and YouTube if you produce a lot of visual content.


Regularly posting SEO-friendly content in your feeds, attracting a large number followers (especially ‘important’ followers with good social authority themselves) and getting good reviews all help to establish your social footprint in the eyes of Google.


Get social mentions


When people share your content, they’re helping to promote your brand and increase traffic to your site. When they do that on Google+, they’re also helping you to build links, as these links are followed by Google and count towards your SEO.


If you want people to share your content, you need to make sure your content offers value and is actually worth sharing in the first place. Even if you do produce high quality content on a regular basis, it won’t reach the audience it deserves unless you promote your blog to the right people in the right places.


If you’re not sure where to promote your content, you can get ideas for what’s trending for your important keywords and check how your competitors are doing it using tools such as BuzzSumo, Keyhole (for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), or IceRocket and Social Mention for blogs.


Get on Google+


What’s the most important social network for SEO? That would be the one Google owns. It may not be anyone else’s favourite, but setting up a Google+ profile and keeping it active has a more direct impact on your site’s search engine ranking and reputation than most other types of social interaction.


Google wants people to use its network and rewards you for doing so. This is especially the case for local searches on Google My Business that can put you ahead of your competitors.


Social media plays an important part in your SEO success, but it’s not the only factor at play. Find out more about how to optimise your site and increase your Google ranking.

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