How often should your business publish a blog post?

While businesses are coming round to the point of view that a blog is beneficial for their website, there’s still the question of how often you should publish a blog post. While there’s no definitive answer, evidence does point towards more articles bringing in more traffic and more leads.


Once a month?


Starting at the very minimum, you should be updating your blog once a month. There’s no denying that maintaining a blog takes time, but that effort is worth it. For each post you need to come up with a blog idea, research the topic, write the article, source an image, proofread the post, publish it and then push it out to your social media followers. It’s important, though, that you find time at least once a month to focus on your blog with experts on Moz saying anything less is just a waste of time.


“…one blog post every two months is about as good as not blogging at all.” – Neil Patel,


Almost every day?


The more you blog, the more traffic you can expect to attract. According to Hubspot, companies that published 16 or more posts a month saw 3.5x more traffic (and 4.5x more leads) than those publishing between 0-4 posts a month. This works out at more than a post every second day, so while beneficial it’s definitely very time consuming.


Hubspot’s data that more posts drive more traffic remained true for companies of all sizes and for both B2B and B2C businesses.


A few bloggers have experimented with their posting frequencies. Todd Schnick found that he got 6x as many comments and 2x as many unique visitors to his site when he blogged daily and Ryan Healy saw his traffic more than double with the same tactic.


Once a week?


A weekly blog hits the sweet spot – it doesn’t take too much time away from your core aims but it also helps to keep your website updated, gives visitors a reason to come to your site and helps improve your Google ranking. Scheduling a weekly post means you have a structure to work to and on quiet weeks you can add to this with an extra post.


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