Getting your business online is an important step to take but once you have your website ready you can’t think the job’s done. Regular updates are required to keep your site relevant and starting a blog is a great way to do this.

Improve your Google ranking

Google loves content. The more you have on your site, the more likely you are to rank higher in the search results. In recent years, Google has cracked down on all types of loopholes to stop websites using thin, copied or poorly written content, so it’s important that you take the time to write something unique that’s valuable to your visitors.

Reach new customers

With high quality articles you have a way to attract more people to your website. Whether this is through improved Google rankings, regular readers returning or social media is irrelevant, as all three are likely to increase, but the fact that you have something to offer is what’s important.

Answer regularly asked questions

FAQ pages can be hit and miss – more often than not you’ll find a list of questions that you would never dream of asking with short or unhelpful answers. If your company regularly gets asked the same sorts of questions – and speaking to your customer support team or receptionist is an easy way to get a list of these – creating a blog post to give a comprehensive answer for each will not only give your customers what they want, it’ll also save time for your support staff.

Versatile results

High quality copywriting offers great versatility in that you can give immediate responses and target long-term success. You have the power to post as often as you like to keep people updated with what your business is doing and what’s happening in your industry, making your site a great source of news. A blog can also be used to post evergreen content – articles that stay true for a long time – that can continue to rank well in Google for months or years to come.

Become an authority

Once you’ve kept up a regular schedule of posts you’ll soon find that you’ve built up an audience of readers who see you as an expert. Whether that’s because you know about your own product, stuff that’s going on in your industry or you just know how to translate confusing jargon into every day language, your blog is a key place to show off your knowledge. The more you demonstrate how much you know, the more people will begin to trust you and a trusting public turns into one that is willing to buy from you.

There are plenty more reasons why a business should start – and regularly update – its own blog, but these five points give a clear indication of its worth. A post a week keeps your site well maintained and gives people a reason to keep coming back, and every time they read one of your posts it builds your brand and trust.


Image: “The Art of Blogging” by is licensed under CC BY 2.0