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Selling benefits: The importance of effective content

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Selling benefits not features is nothing new in marketing. A feature is something a product has, like battery life or memory, whereas a benefit is something the product provides, like all-day phone usage or space for lots of music.

Australian content marketing experts discuss common mistakes

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Mistakes may be a vital part of learning, but it's unlikely that your boss or client will appreciate you doing it on their time. To help you avoid making a costly slip, we've spoken to some of Australia's experts about the most common content marketing mistakes they see brands making.

10 reasons you should have 10 items in your listicle titles

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List articles, or listicles, are a convenient way of conveying information in easily consumed bite-sized chunks. The user-friendly listicle format has been on the rise for years, but there has always been contention around the best number to use in your titles.

How to write a great Call to Action (CTA)

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What’s the most important part of any blog post or landing page on your business site?   If you said “the title!” you may be right. But once you’ve piqued a reader’s curiosity with an enticing headline and they’ve arrived on your page, you’ll want to make sure they don’t go away empty-handed.