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Sharing Your Blog Posts

Business blogging for beginners: How to promote your blog

Now you’ve learned how to get started and how to write a business blog, the next step is to share your quality content with the world and help it find the audience it deserves.


However great your blog posts are, you can’t rely on SEO alone to bring people to you. You need to put your content out there in the places where your target audience is most likely to find it and share it.


Follow these tips to promote your business blog effectively and start building your reputation as an expert in your field.


Sign up to everything


Social media is a boon to content marketing, as long as you’re using it effectively. Finding out which sites your target audience is most active on will inform your marketing strategy, but you also shouldn’t neglect other platforms that could be useful in the future.


Facebook is Australia’s most popular social media site and is a natural first step for promoting your content, especially if you are marketing to customers (B2C).


However, if you are primarily marketing to businesses (B2B), your priorities will be different. A study of B2B marketers by the LinkedIn Technology Marketing Community identified LinkedIn as the most effective platform for engaging audiences (82% effective) followed by Twitter (66%), YouTube (64%) and Facebook in fourth place (41%).


If you are publishing different types of content, these should be shared on the most appropriate sites – YouTube and Facebook for videos, Pinterest and Instagram for infographics, and SlideShare for slideshow presentations.


Research the most popular discussion forums dedicated to your industry, sign up and make your brand known. There’s a subreddit for everything.


Share other people’s content


The internet is a sharing economy, and you can’t expect people to share your content if you’re not interested in theirs.


Sharing isn’t just about networking and back-scratching. If you read something insightful online, your followers will probably appreciate it too.


Tell your fans


Even the people who already like you won’t always remember to check your blog for updates.


As well as promoting new blog posts on your social media accounts, you should include links and excerpts from recent posts in your regular newsletter and make it easy for your followers to subscribe to receive new content as soon as it’s published.


Tell your heroes


If you’ve been inspired by other bloggers in your industry, tell them about it on social media or in their comments section and share a link to a piece of your own content that you’re particularly proud of.


They’ll probably appreciate the flattery, and if a key influencer likes what they see and then talks about it, this will score you some major publicity for your business blog.


Share with promoters


There are people who live to share content just like yours. Make their lives easier and help more people to discover your business blog by sharing a link with promoters who are active on sites like Twitter, Reddit and Digg.


Share with communities


If your last blog post explained your thoughts on a hot topic, share these thoughts in targeted Google+ communities and LinkedIn Groups to join the conversation.


You should only ever post content that is relevant to the discussion and offers real value to your readers, otherwise you will come off as overly self-promotional and this will harm your image.


Tag people you mention


If your blog post name-checks a brand or individual, make this clear in your social media updates using the proper tags.


This will increase the chances of the named party and their followers noticing your post, and could even be the start of a beautiful friendship.


Time your posts


If you are writing for a local rather than an international audience, timing is crucial to make sure your blog posts are seen and shared when your readers are most active.


But that doesn’t mean you have to get to the office early to beat the morning coffee break – every blogging platform allows you to schedule posts to publish at any time you want.


Promote older content


There’s no rule that you can only promote new content. If a topic you discussed in the past is making the headlines again, you can invite your followers to read something they might not have seen the first time around.


It’s also a good idea to promote new blog posts several times in case your followers didn’t notice the original update in their feeds.


Write guest posts


Before your business blog becomes established, you can write for a bigger audience by offering original content to an established blog in your industry.


Many sites are happy to publish guest posts, which include a flattering author’s profile and a link to your main blog.


Mention your blog everywhere


Even if you’re using all the social media tools at your disposal to spread the word about your business blog, you might have neglected to mention it in obvious places.


Make sure you include a link to your blog in your social media profiles, email signature and business cards to make sure everyone who likes you knows about your blog’s existence.


If you’re preparing publicity materials for a conference and you’re not sure what to include, this is the perfect opportunity to show off your blog’s value by printing some of your best content.


Now that you know the basics of business blogging, keep checking the Civic Web Media blog or follow us on Twitter to pick up more content marketing tips.

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