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Facebook Is Australia's #1 Social Media Site

Australia’s most popular social media sites

If you’re considering getting your company into social media but you’re not sure which sites to start with it can be useful to look at Australian sign up numbers for each.


While some of these sites release figures for each country, others don’t so we’ve used Social Media News’ clever formula for working out Aussie numbers.




Facebook is the most well known social media site and it’s no surprise that it comes out on top. Of its almost 1.5 billion members, around 14m of them are Australians — almost two thirds of the entire population. According to data from Sensis, 93% of Australians who use social media sites have an active account on Facebook.




Not far behind Facebook is YouTube, which has more than 13m Australians watching at least one video on the site every month. Even on other sites like Facebook, videos are one of the most engaging types of content and hold someone’s attention for a long time.




Bought by Facebook for $1b in April 2012, Instagram is continuing to grow in popularity. Around 5 million Aussies are signed up to the image-sharing site, up from just over 2 million at this time last year.




Tumblr’s inclusion in the top four may come as a bit of a shock, but recent figures show that around 4.3m Australians have signed up for the micro-blogging site. Many of the most popular Tumblrs revolve around comics, reaction gifs and film quotes, but some game creators, TV stations and newspapers have had success there, too.




With around 3.6m Australian sign-ups, LinkedIn — often described as a Facebook for professionals — rounds off the top five, despite losing around 300,000 members in the past year. Of those who use social media sites, 28% of Australians have a LinkedIn profile where they can keep in touch with former colleagues, build business networks and share industry updates.


The most surprising omissions from this list are Twitter (which has an estimated 2.8m Aussie accounts but hasn’t seen any growth in the past 12 months) and Pinterest (which only has 320,000 Australian accounts, down about 70,000 on its 2014 figures), but this doesn’t mean that you should write them off. With the right social media strategy it’s possible to make the most of any online community.


Image: “Social Media apps” by Jason Howie is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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