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Ten Reasons To Put 10 In Your Blog Titles

10 reasons you should have 10 items in your listicle titles

List articles, or listicles, are a convenient way of conveying information in easily consumed bite-sized chunks. The user-friendly listicle format has been on the rise for years, but there has always been contention around the best number to use in your titles.

Some schools say odd is better, some claim ‘predictable’ numbers like 5, 10 and 20 should be avoided. But all these theories have been debunked recently, as one study shows that when it comes to listicles, 10 is the king of numbers.

1) Why even have a number?

People scan-read content on the internet. They want concise, easy-to-consume information and they want to find it quickly. Including a number will help your listicle title ‘pop’ and catch the eye of scan-readers as they search for content.


2) 10 gets shared the most on social media

According to Venngage, the number 10 outperforms all others as the best number to include in listicle titles, followed closely by 5, then less closely by 3, 4 and 7. Titles containing the number 10 resulted in the highest number of shares across social media, outperforming all other numbers on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest. So, ‘The top 10 places to eat fish and chips in Newcastle’, should out-perform ‘The top 9 places to eat fish and chips in Newcastle’.

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3) Listicle titles give immediate information

Listicle-style titles take away the onus of coming up with a snappy title. Numerals make the title eye-catching and instantly informative. You know exactly what you’re getting with ‘The top 10 reasons Newcastle should be your next holiday destination’ versus ‘Why Newcastle is an excellent holiday destination’.


4) ’10’ is better than ‘ten’

Numerals catch the eye and hold the reader’s attention. In a big list of search results, ’10’ is going to stand out far more easily than ‘ten’. We are drawn to numbers when scan-reading because they represent facts, we can latch onto them and get a quick sense of what we are reading.


5) Numbers are authoritative

Numbers add instant credibility to your article. A listicle with 10 items automatically gives the impression of representing the 10 best things to know on that subject, even if the word ‘best’ isn’t included in the title. It says that the person who wrote this article clearly knows what they’re on about, and thinks these 10 facts are the ones worth knowing.


6) Numbers give you an idea of what to expect

A traditional article may contain buckets of useful information, but if it’s concealed among paragraph after paragraph of flabby text, it can be a struggle to bother finding it.

A listicle tells you straight away how many facts there are and lets you track your progress as you read. This is particularly helpful on mobile devices, when reading articles can often feel like a never-ending scroll-a-thon.


7) Listicles write themselves

By the time you make a list of 10 things to write about, your article is half done. Unlike a traditional article or blog post, there’s no quibbling over headings or segues or overarching themes – you simply write a list of self-contained points, slap an intro on and – boom! – done.


8) Everyone else is doing it

We’ve all been told not to cave to peer pressure, but sometimes when everybody’s doing something, it’s because it works. Following trends keeps you relevant and people respond well to things they’re familiar with, so don’t be afraid to go with the crowd on this one.


9) Don’t use teens

I refer of course to the numbers 13 to 19, not our esteemed millennials. We know that 10 is the most shared number, but the Venngage study also showed that teens are the worst numbers to use if you want your listicle to get shared. The number 2 is also a huge no-no.


10) There are 10 commandments

Let’s face it, there’s nothing new under the sun. Listicles have been around since Biblical times. Ten commandments are easy to remember, a nice comfortingly round number and fit easily onto standard stone tablets. Truly, if Moses were around today he’d be cranking out 10-ways-to-lead-a-blessed-life articles for Buzzfeed.

Listicles may have once been maligned by the online community, but nowadays they’re seen as a legitimate way to produce content. If you’re going to be in the game, it’s worth knowing the best practices for writing titles that catch a reader’s eye.

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